January 3, 2011 – The Unstoppable Force: Blood on the Tracks #1 – New Jack’s City – Page One

That is kind of a long winded title, innit? Most future storylines from the comic will be named similarly. In fact, I imagine, all storylines will follow this model: Series Name: Story Name/Issue Number: Issue Name: Page Number. Blood on the Tracks is the important part, and yes, it is taken directly from Bob Dylan’s best album. (Blonde on Blonde and Desire would also be acceptable; I guess, Dylan in the 70s just blows my skirt up.)

So, this page is relatively simple, in its layout design and narrative structure. Three panels introduce three different women, with three different broad stereotypes* (prostitute, cocktail waitress, and tourist) over the course of three different days. I suppose if people were being super extra critical, they might say this is lazy or uncreative storytelling. Personally, I just find it economical. Events occur over three days to three women, three panels illustrates that more dramatically than six or nine panels. Surely, we can all agree that structurally the number of panels must be in factors of 3, yes?** Yes. And we don’t need to see these particular women go through their day, we just have to set up who they are before they were killed. That’s the best reason I have to explain why they’re somewhat generic — that’s economical, too. And, as we’re all aware, ladies of the evening, beverage wenches, and young women looking to make a mistake are in Vegas 365 days of the year.

But enough of the premature defense. I only mean to give you, dear reader, background info and not to parry your possible thrust. I really love how Taylor interpreted the script here, because it’s pretty much a direct copy of the interior of my brain. That doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, it’s like drinking a XX. Page Two is very much the same. And, hoo daddy, are you in for a treat when you pick up the first issue or the whole trade and see Jordan’s color work. I think we’ve all stepped up our game for this issue.

Once again, I kinda wish I was you.

Speaking of you, if you need to catch up on The Unstoppable Force: Giant-Sized #1, you can purchase it here!

-Rob of War

*If there’s a play on words in this sentence it’s, abnormally, unintentional; but I appreciate a good bad pun, so I’ve left it in.

** Don’t worry, I promise I’ll stop calling you “Shirley”. Eventually.