This is the end, my friends, the end (of this particular version of the Major Tom story). Let’s get right to it then, shall we? Turn Space Oddity on, because it’s Script Go Time Go!

Page 8
Panel 1: The man holding the gun wears a black suit and sunglasses, and two similarly styled agents, one man and one woman, stand behind him.
Narration: Ground Control to Major Tom!

Panel 2: Hannibal storms over to the Lead Agent, furious and in the agent’s face.
Narration: Your circuit’s dead!

Panel 3: The Lead Agent holds up his N.S.A. badge, quietly refuting Hannibal’s fury.
Narration: There’s something wrong!

Panel 4: The two other Agents take Major Tom out of Musashi’s and Joan’s hands, as the two heroes are hurdled by government bureaucracy.
Narration: Can you hear me, Major Tom? Can you hear me,

Panel 5: The team can only watch as Major Tom is taken away, all at various levels of anger, pity, frustration, or confusion.
Narration: Major Tom? Can you hear me, Major Tom? Can you–

My favorite thing about this page, and all the pages, is that without lyrics or narration of any kind, Taylor can tell the story. I’m sure I’ve said that, and you’ve caught on to it by now, but I don’t think that be iterated enough. In truth, my words, really, only bring clarity and maybe some depth to characterization. Otherwise, the images do all the work. I tend to write that way on purpose, probably because the things that move me (and most people, I believe) are images. Basically I try to keep in mind the old adage that A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. I think it works, I hope it works, more often than not.

Of course, sometimes exposition is necessary to get the details nailed down, but the message should be clear without any writery touches.  That said, I do like how the lyrics here, when combined with the right images, almost evoke an actual conversation, or a very heated argument, between Hannibal and the Lead Agent. Hey, if David Bowie can play around with his words, why can’t I?

Before we go too far, you’ll notice that this isn’t the end of the song. Page Nine was meant to be just black, with the last bit of Bowie’s lyrics in white. Naturally, when I took the lyrics out, that page became unnecessary. Here’s what you miss:

Here am I floating/ round my tin can/ Far above the Moon/
Planet Earth is blue/ And there’s nothing I can do

Maybe it’s a little cheesified, but I like it. And I also like how nondescript Taylor made the federal agents that ruin The Unstoppable Force’s party. I was very nondescript in my script, obviously, because at the time I knew I wanted there to be some sort of connection between the team and the gubmint, as that’s always good fodder for dramatic tension and the like. It wasn’t until later that I decided this agent would become Agent Pinkerton, though he looks different now and will be a pretty important role down the line. Who is Agent Pinkerton? He isn’t this guy, but he may be related. You’ll have to stay tuned for Blood on the Tracks, but he’s mentioned at the end of The Unstoppable Force: Giant-Sized #1. You should buy that. Seriously, buy it. Please.

Speaking of the Giant-Sized #1, part two will be posted, daily, next month! It’s 24 pages of even more radass dipped in awesomesauce than the first part. Pages 1-12 will be go live, in succession, leading up to our appearance at Wizard World Texas, and pages 13-24 will follow when we get back, with a short break while we’re in Austin. So buy a copy and have us sign it! S’what all the cool kids are doing.

-Rob of War

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