This is the to-be-continued, my friend/ the to-be-continued… my… friend? I totally ruined that. Sorry dad. Anyway, this is Page Twenty-Four of The Unstoppable Force: Giant-Sized #1. Which means it’s the last page of this here part one, the first part in a series with two parts, but it’s not the end as it’s to be continued in part two. Which is available for purchase at IndyPlanet and (this weekend) at the Dallas Comic Con, where you can meet us and get your comics signed! Yes, you read that right, “comics.” When you purchase The Unstoppable Force: Giant-Sized #1 at DCC, you get a free copy of our mini-tale The Man Who Fell to Earth. Not only that, but Taylor will be debuting Xenex the Bug Man #1: The Map on the Back there as well, and doing some doodles and such. Not only that, but we’ll also be handing out copies of Robert Scott Frost‘s The Big Z, which is fucking fantastic. You may find it hard to believe, but Jordan’s also working on a mini-comic for the show, and it’s going to be a special little surprise, I think.

So don’t fret. And, like I said, if you’re good, I may give you a taste of part two.

-Rob of War

I’m such a pusher.