Well, crap on a Cringle. The first post I tried to, um, post didn’t fly (stupid naming conventions). So, the first, really enthusiastic, entry I’d intended will never see the LED backlight of day. Shame. You’d think, though, that after using the internet for the better part of my life now (so weird to say) I’d know better by now. But, I excuse myself in the knowledge that this thing still happens on a daily basis somewhere, some site. It’s kinda like driving, or speaking the English language. We all do it, we just don’t all do it well.

In any case, I spent some time apologizing for missing my first day of posting pages for the Giant-Sized issue. And making fun at my own expense. Wah-wah. Yet, my idiocy is your gain. You get two, count ’em two!, pages for the price of one! Whooooooooah!

Granted, one of the pages is just the front cover. But what a cover, amirite? It’s beautiful and gorgeous and pretty radical. And there’s so much more gorgeousosity and radness coming your way in the next month. I kinda wish I were you right about now.

-Rob of War

Not really. Unless you happen to be Jason Segel.

P.S. Fuck you, WordPress.