Jordan, me, and everyone at Gradient Comics are now proud to present pages 9-12 of The Electro-Magnetic Timeshift Man (and only two weeks late!). The next batch of pages will definitely drop in two weeks on June 21, or if you’re really impatient and don’t trust that I’ll keep to my word (and who can blame you) then you can get the whole book now at IndyPlanet. A downloadable .PDF of the issue is coming shortly, and it’ll be cheap but not free. But this looks even better on a Kindle, trust me.

While you’re here, you should be reading The Gnarlies, too, from the mind of our Mr. Taylor from an idea inspired by our good buddy Jonathon Kinkade. (Oh, that Jonathon!) Don’t forget to check out The Unstoppable Force artist Taylor Lymbery at his site, and definitely don’t forget to check out Robert Frost’s The Big Z, still updating, consistently, weekly.


I also have a new Think Piece today, so check that out around 12pm CST. And if you got here from there, welcome! How may I service you?