Everyone here at Gradient Comics is now proud to present pages 17-20 of The Electro-Magnetic Timeshift Man! You can still get the gorgeous printed book at IndyPlanet or you can get the even gorgeouser downloadable .PDF of the entire issue here (for just a dollar bill, y’all.) It really is a Happy Birthday, isn’t it, America?

While you’re here, you should be reading The Gnarlies, too, from the mind of our Mr. Taylor from an idea inspired by our good buddy Jonathon Kinkade. (Oh, that Jonathon!) Don’t forget to check out The Unstoppable Force artist Taylor Lymbery at his site, and definitely don’t forget to check out Robert Frost’s The Big Z, still updating, consistently, weekly.


You can also read me at Pajiba.com. And if you got here from there, welcome! May I be of some assistance today?