Coming soon to tide you over until we finally start posting issue 3 of Blood on the Tracks, Gradient Comics and The Unstoppable Force presents… The Electro-Magnetic Timeshift Man!

Similar to the short stories found in The Exciting Adventures of the Force Unstoppable, Timeshift Man tells a story of one of our heroes — Nikola Tesla, the Human Dynamo — that just wouldn’t fit in the main comic storyline. Without spoiling anything, it takes place on the day that Thomas Edison died. We’d already shown some of this book off last year when we started on it for the 24 Hour Comic Book Challenge, but it’s been finished for a while and I’ve just been saving it for the right time. That time may as well be now, because it will soon be is now available for purchase on IndyPlanet and will (hopefully) available for purchase-to-download for your mobile device (specifically Kindles) in the very near future, right on this very website. You’ll be able to get the whole story here for free, as we update four pages a week for six successive Fridays starting on April 19, 2013.

And, yes, issue 3 of BotT (entitled Something Wicked That Way Went) will finally start updating after that. We’ll set a more specific date later, but if you want to tentatively mark mid-July, around the 12th, on your calendars, I won’t stop you.

Oh yeah, and this post means we’re back. For at least a little while, soon enough. And, hey, are you reading The Big Z by Robert Scott Frost? It’s about the Internet and zombies and cats and stuff. READ IT.