Hello! And welcome to Page One of Samurai Nick’s Teddy Bear Nightmare.

This is Nick. He’s a member of the Gnarlies, an outlaw motorcycle club that has a tendency to run into troubles of the supernatural variety.

You might have noticed the censor bar in that last panel. Now, normally, I’m not the biggest fan of censorship.
Personally, I feel that if your kid isn’t mature enough to read the F word or see a picture of a nipple, then maybe he or she shouldn’t be looking at the internet unsupervised.
But what do I know? I’m not a parent.
So, in an effort to keep Gradient Comics more family-friendly, I’m going to upload censored versions of the Gnarlies comics.

Now, for those of you that enjoy a good adult situation from time to time, I invite you to visit the Gnarlies website proper where you can see that F word in all its glory.